Mission 1.5

We’re on a mission to grow.

Mission 1.5 is a drive to reach 1.5 million members worldwide, so we can better meet the growing needs of our communities and serve more people than ever before.

Mission 1.5 starts with you ..

Get the resources to grow your club, to start a new one and to get Lions excited about our drive to 1.5 million members.

Invite Members

Fresh perspectives and a diverse membership foster camaraderie and help ensure the future success of our Lions Clubs.

Charter New Clubs

Expanding our reach with new charters creates opportunities to welcome new members, which creates new opportunities for service.

Share the Mission

Spreading our message of growth engages existing Lions, motivating them to connect with other organizations who share similar goals.

For more information on Membership and Mission 1.5 please contact PDG Peter Shelswell, District A12 GMT Coordinator 2023-24