Chris Lewis Memorial Day Of Service

Chris Lewis Memorial Day Of Service

The 2022 Chris Lewis Memorial Day of Service was held on Saturday, May 6th, 2023.

The District A-12 Lions Day of Service has been renamed the PDG Chris Lewis Memorial Day of Service. Which is now being considered Canada wide and to be held annually on the first Saturday of May. 

Please start your Club planning now to join all Clubs in A-12 in a show of Solidarity in Service on Saturday, May 6th, 2023 in honour of PDG Chris Lewis.

Remember that this is to be a service activity and that we’re encouraged to put aside all fundraising for the day.

PDG Chris was so proud of the movement started by District A-12 back in May, 2014 and what the clubs were able to accomplish, by making their communities a better place. This movement expanded quickly through the service of Lions all coming together, at the same time, throughout our District, Multiple District, across Canada, and into the United States of America and parts of Europe since that 1st day back in 2014.

This Memorial Day of Service is proof that PDG Chris’ legacy of service lives on through all of us.

Check out the 2020 video message from some of our A12 Lions Leaders here

You can also view a slideshow of the very first Day of Service back in 2014 here.